Status of Beta

The Beta phase has been going on for a month and we have received a lot of good feedback. We thank everybody for providing feedback, helping us root out the issues, and making iKnode a better service.

Our speed of deployment has improved from every two weeks to a week, and we are hoping to start deploying every two days soon. This will help us test bug fixes sooner, and make it available to users faster.

We have also set up a very simple forums site to help iKnode users communicate between each other so that we can all share experiences and tips. We setup the foundation with iKnode, you put in your creativity, show us what you can do, and brag about in the forums.

We have definitively heard you about documentation and more samples. We are working on a set of new applications that we are using in iKnode. It is interesting, but our iKnode Command Center Web Application, uses iKnode as a backend as well. Some of those applications will be open sourced so that anybody can take advantage of them. We are in the process of documenting them, to make it easier to use. The release will be done through our github account.

We are also working on designing a new site, focusing it mainly on documentation and knowledge sharing. We want to make sure nobody is wasting time trying to implement their backend, we want you to get things done.

We have also had a lot of requests about pricing. We will release information on it soon. Rest assured we are looking to make this affordable.

Another question we have had a lot lately is: When is iKnode going to be out of beta? Well, we don’t have a specific date, yet! We want the service to be extremely stable once we come out, so at least a couple of months more are scheduled. But don’t worry too much about it. You can use iKnode for free as long as we are in beta. We have enough funding to keep iKnode in beta for at least a year. So enjoy the free service and help us improve it by providing feedback.

Exciting things are coming. So stay tunned.