The iKnode team fully opposes the ”Stop Online Piracy Act” (H.R.3261) and “PROTECT IP” (S.968). We strongly believe such bills go against the purpose of the internet, and look to damage the internet by restricting the innovation that statrups like us can create.

The main idea of those bills is to allow law enforcement and copyright holders to be able to protect intellectual property rights. We fully support copyrights and abide by the rules, but the problem with such bills is not the intention but the means.

These bills would allow law enforcement and copyright holders to censor any website that is suspected of trafficking in pirated and counterfeit goods. There is no trial, or investigation. Just by being a suspect the site can be blocked.

This obviously affects any website that holds user content, which includes iKnode. Code, is in the end, content.

Please take a moment to read about SOPA and PIPA, and do something abou it:

Learn More About SOPA. Learn More About PIPA. Do Something about it.