SOPA Has Been Stopped!

The internet community has been brought together and stopped a very dangerous bill which if approved, would have seriously damaged innovation, and put startups like us in danger.

We joined the protest on January 18th, 2012 joining forces with the internet community lead by Google, Wikipedia and Reddit. We strongly believe, the internet community stopped this bill from being passed. And we are not alone in this belief.

After all the internet community strongly opposed SOPA, congress began to change from supporting the bill to opposing the bill. And this was accomplished in just one day, from January 18th to January 19th.

This proves to us, and the rest of the world, not only that the internet has power to change the world, but also that democracy has been further enabled by technology.

On January 20th 2012, Lamar Smith, the Chief Sponsor of SOPA, announces that he is pulling the bill.

The success of this protest against SOPA doesn’t make us feel safer, but it does put us in a position where we can defend ourselves successfully against the risks of innovation. In other words, now we stand a chance.

The risks are all still there. There is still a chance that an iKnode user breaks copyright laws using our service, and we’ll have to deal with it. But at least now, there is a way to correct the problem before our business is irreparably damaged.

We are proud to be alive during this time, and to be a part of the internet community.