Exciting Changes Are Coming!

We have working hard on the platform and its documentation. The platform is more stable with every release, and we hope to have a good batch of guides, tutorials and samples by the end of this month.

Additionally, we just recently released a new version of the iKnode Application library that supports FTP transfers, and a bunch of other cool features. We’ll be writing a guide to use it so that you can take advantage of it in your applications.

And yes, we have heard you! We are improving the Data Storage user interface to make it friendlier and easier to work with. We currently use MongoDB for our data store, but we want to abstract it as much as possible; we want to be able to move from MongoDB to another document based data without your applications being impacted.

I know some of you have concerns about portability of your data, and of your applications. We don’t like platform lock-in, and we are looking for a solution that would prevent lock-in. We want you to be able to get your data, and your applications out of iKnode and run them in your own environment if you wish. We have plans for an export tool that would allow that.

Joel has been working on improving the site and we are so excited about what he has done. He is a great designer, and we are proud to have him on our team. We’ll make an announcement soon to show the new site, so stay tuned.