$9 / month
1,000,000 API Requests (Additional Transaction 6¢ per 1,000)
1 GB Data Storage (Additional Storage 20¢ per Gb)
30-day trial No Credit Card required


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What is an API Request?

Any external call to our servers and any scheduled application call are considered API Requests. For instance, if you call the REST API from your application 10 times, that counts for 10 API requests. In the case of the Scheduled App, every time it executes it accounts for an API Request.

Do application internal calls count towards my quota?

Internal calls are not counted towards you API Requests quota. All internal calls are free. For instance, if you call an iKnode Application from inside another iKnode Application, that is free.

What happens if I go over my plan’s quotas?

You’ll be charged according to your plan. Each plan contains a section about “Additional API Request” and “Additional Storage” which explains the costs for quota extension. If you go over your plan’s quote too often, we recommend looking at the next plan.