Create Backend Applications

Forget about deployment and scalability problems. With iKnode you can create C# backend applications using only your browser and your creativity. It is just like creating the logic of a web service without worrying about deployment or configuration.

Execute backend Applications

Any application you create can be executed using our REST API, which is very friendly. Additionally, you can execute your backend applications using only your browser.

Store Data

Store Data using a Document oriented database which can be accessible for iKnode Applications. Using our simple to use Data Library your applications can easily save, update, delete and query your data.Our library makes it easy to handle data using a simple object oriented approach. With our web interface you can also query and manage your Document collections with ease.

Schedule Tasks

Scheduling task is a necessary element when creating back-end systems, and in iKnode this is as easy as riding a bike.iKnode can Schedule any application to run after a certain period of time. This is especially useful for tasks that respond to certain events in a database or in an environment.

Monitor your Applications

Our Web Interface provides an easy and simple way to monitor Errors and Application executions, so that you don’t have to.iKnode takes care of logging ALL errors with a full stack trace.Additionally, iKnode also records application executions including information for measuring execution time.