Editor Improvements

Hi there, we are now pleased to announce that some important features are being implemented in the Application Editor. We’ve planned a set of new features to improve the user experience when it comes to code your apps on iKnode.

One of the major changes is the upgrade of the application editor, this will allow us to extend the editor functionality and features plus the improvements and fixes that come with the upgrade, e.g. you’ll notice you are now able to collapse or expand code blocks.

So as a start we’ve added some key shortcuts for what we consider the most common operations when using the editor, we are talking about saving, compiling and publishing your apps, so here are the key shortcuts you may use when using the editor, for PC and MAC:

  • Save (Ctrl+S, Command+S).
  • Compile (Ctrl+Alt+B, Command+Alt+B).
  • Publish (Ctrl+Alt+P, Command+Alt+P).

As I mentioned, this is just the beginning, we are planning to add more features that make the editor better and easier to use, as an example:

  • Toggle comments blocks.
  • Indent code regions.
  • Search and replace.

Your comments and suggestions are of course more than welcome. More things are on the way, so stay tuned.

Happy Coding!